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 who i am...                                                                                  


Following debuts in the cosmetics universe across all of France, working

for brands like Chanel, Dior, YSL, Guerlain, Givenchy etc...
for 10 years. Then I deposit my suitcase in Paris and London to infiltrate the world of fashions, advertising, TV and films.
Having been trained for Clarins by the famous makeup artist  Tibault Vabre, I became known and my passion for this job allowed me to collaborate

with Jean-Marie Hattemberg (collector/writer) and appear in his book

" Luxury Lips", a book dedicated to lipsticks.

Nonetheless, I go on collaborating with well known brands,

particularly Lancôme in Israël for five years. 

Chanel in the most luxurious hotels in Paris for fashion week since September 2015, working with the photographer Eric Guillemain

on the J. LINDEBERG shoots and also a collaboration

with the director Loris Greaud for the scene of his latest film Sculpt where

I could makeup the amazing actress Charlotte Rampling.

Being self-taught allows me to this day, to perform various projects and also

to master manicure for shooting as Cartier Jewelry (Vogue France

among others, makeup on various models, dancers, and actors for 

J. Lindeberg, DsquaredSixth June, Tatler Magazine (London),

BAFTA Awards (London), VOGUE House (London), 

BRIT Awards 2019 (London) etc ....

My enthusiasm and passion for this business, today leads me to share my 

love for modeling and fashion, that's why you can find in my website and Instagram some pictures of my works.

GONIN Pavel Robson  

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